What does Prop Checker offer?

Prop Checker offer a personalised, interactive property report specific to your potential purchase, covering all the important areas to consider when buying a property. The reports will be emailed through and you'll have the ability to print off the details to read at your own convenience.

How long does it take for the report to arrive?

The property report is emailed through immediately via a link for you to download.

Why would I buy a property report from Prop Checker, doesn’t my solicitor and surveyor produce similar reports?

The property report from Prop Checker is designed to allow you to make an informed decision on a property at a fraction of the cost of instructing conveyancers, mortgage brokers and surveyors. Once you have read and digested the report you will be able to confidently move forward with your purchase.

Which data providers do you use?

At Prop Checker our passion for helping buyers has driven us from the beginning, which is why we partnered with Sprift - The UK’s number 1 Property Data provider. They use data from, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, Historic England, Ofsted, Valuation Office Agency, Ofcom, Office of National Statistics and Royal Mail to name a few.  

Will the estate agent give me the information I need?

Sadly not. It's important to remember that estate agents work for the vendor, not the buyer! Their job is to sell the property for the best price possible. When doing this they produce a beautiful brochure with photos, floor plan and the essential information. They must provide enough information to excite potential purchases, understandably some important information is omitted. The idea of Prop Checker is to fill-in any gaps and help the buyer to be fully informed so they can make a firm decision and stick with it.  

Would this be suitable for Buy-to- Let properties?

Absolutely! These reports offer so much information and would work with Buy-to-Let, primary residence, 2nd homes and investment properties. All property purchases would benefit from the information provided in the report. The extensive comparables and rental information will help any investor.

What does the property report cover?


How much do the reports cost?

Prop Checker reports start from as little as £30.