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What is Prop Checker?

Prop Checker was created to help property buyers become more knowledgeable and confident before they commit to a home purchase.

Our mission is to put you in control when buying a home. We believe that if you have the data, you can make an informed decision about your next move. That's why we provide detailed statistics on virtually all property in England and Wales, giving you the insight, you need to make sure you choose the right home for you.

We know how stressful it can be when buying a house, so we go out of our way to make sure that every piece of information we provide is easy-to-digest. By using Prop Checker before making an offer you may save time and money and Prop Checker gives you peace of mind that you've done everything possible to ensure that your next purchase is the RIGHT one.


Let’s say you’ve seen a house or apartment you like; you’re tempted to make an offer to secure the property but despite asking the estate agent numerous questions you are still missing some fundamental answers.

Historically the only way to fill in the gaps was to either spend countless hours online searching various websites or waiting on hold for the local authority, in the hope they may have some of the answers. The alternative is to instruct a property professional at great expense, i.e. conveyancer, surveyor or mortgage broker in the hope the answers will come out through the transaction.

Prop Checker is filled with statistics in a low cost, easy to digest and downloadable report, which is available immediately, enabling you to make an offer on your dream home in the knowledge that you have carried out your due diligence.

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