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Every premium property report is packed full of data, giving you a comprehensive overview of your property of interest. Using the information provided you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to make an offer or walk away.

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1 Report RRP £50.00 £30.00 (40% discount for Spring*)

3 Reports RRP £150.00 £87.00 (42% discount for Spring*)

5 Report RRP £250.00 £140.00 (44% discount for Spring*)

As part of our Spring promotion, all reports will receive a FREE copy of The Homebuyers Toolkit RRP £87.00

*Spring Promotion runs from April 15th - June 30

What's included?

Do your homework it could save you £££

When you're buying a property, it's important to do your homework. This means gathering as much information as you can about the property and its neighborhood, as well as studying market trends so that you can make an informed decision.

Find the best schools in the area

All our property reports provide vital information on the local schools including the Ofsted ratings and weblink, number of students, gender ratio, number of free school meals etc.

Use comparables to check you're not overpaying

Comparables are important when buying a home because they provide a benchmark for evaluating the price and value of the property in relation to similar properties in the same area.

Use the Premium Property Report to ensure you are not overpaying.

Crime doesn't pay when buying and selling property

Being aware of the crime rate in the area can give you an idea of how safe the neighbourhood is.

If the crime rate is high, it may not be the best area to live, especially alone or to raise children.

A high crime rate can also affect the house price, saleability and can negatively impact capital growth as well as increase insurance costs.

Location is everything

Location is important when buying a home because it affects not only the property's value and desirability as well as potential for appreciation, but also its convenience, accessibility, safety, and proximity to amenities and services.

The Premium Property Report provides distances to main roads, train stations, bus stops as well a airports and ferry terminals.

Plan ahead

Before you make an offer on a property, it's important to be aware of any local developments that might impact your home or view and find out if there are any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) that will affect your property or future planning applications.

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